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You are here: Home » Products » SMD LED » 3.5x3.5mm PLCC6 RGB SMD Top LED for outdoor display screen
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3.5x3.5mm PLCC6 RGB SMD Top LED for outdoor display screen

  • LLS3535RGB
  • piece
  • 1000pcs
115-degree, 3.5(L)×3.5(W)-mm, PLCC4 TOP
SMD LED in full color with white-diffused lens (epoxy) and black surface
Emitting color: RGB, full colors
• Outdoor display screen
• Indicator
• Decoration
• Back-light
• Others

Mechanical Dimensions

Absolute Maximum Ratings

       Items        Symbol        Absolute Maximum Rating        Unit
       R        G        B
       Forward Current (TA=25°C)        IF        30        25        25        mA
       Peak Forward Current Note (TA=25°C)        IFP        120        100        100        mA
       Reverse Voltage (TA=25°C)        VR        10        V
       Power Dissipation (TA=25°C)        PD        72        95        95        mW
       Operation Temperature        Topr        -30~+85        °C
       Storage Temperature        Tstg        -40~+85        °C
Note: Pulse width ≤0.1 msec, duty cycle ≤1/10.
Typical Electrical & Optical Characteristics (TA=25°C)

       Characteristics        Condition        Symbol        Values        Unit
       R        G        B
       Dominant Wavelength        IFR=20mA
       λD(typ)        622        526        470        nm
       Viewing Angle at 50% IV        1/2(typ)        115        deg
       Forward Voltage        VF(typ)        2.0        3.2        3.0        V
       Luminous Intensity        IV(typ)        680        1600        400        mcd
       Reverse Current (Max.)        VR=5V        IR        10        uA
1. Production characteristics were decided by Jiuzhou optoelectronic, the optical and electrical performance may be different for each rank, customers need to choose method of application according to their condition.
2. We are dedicated to improve the performance of our LEDs, and will not inform the customers if any specification is changed.

SMT Reflow Soldering Instructions
Reflow soldering process shall be less than twice and cooling process to normal temperature is required between the first and second soldering process.
Soldering 3535 SMD TOP LED
Hand Soldering
A soldering iron of less than 20W is recommended to be used in Hand Soldering. Please keep the temperature of the soldering iron under 350℃ while soldering. The LED can be soldered one time only and the soldering time must be less than 3 seconds. Be careful because the damage of the product may happen in hand soldering process.
Recommended Soldering Pad Design      Units: mm
Recommended soldering pad for SMD TOP LED

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