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3.5x2.8mm PLCC4 RGB SMD Top LED

  • LLS3528RGB
  • piece
  • 1000pcs
120-degree, 3.5(L)×2.8(W)-mm, PLCC4 TOP
SMD LED in full color with white-diffused lens (epoxy) and black surface
Emitting color: RGB, full colors
• Indoor display screen
• Indicator
• Decoration
• Back-light
• Others

Package Dimensions
3528 SMD LED

Typical Electrical & Optical Characteristics (TA=25°C)

       Characteristics        Condition        Symbol        Values        Unit
       R        G        B
       Dominant Wavelength        IFR=20mA
       λD(typ)        622        528        468        nm
       Viewing Angle at 50% IV        1/2(typ)        120        deg
       Forward Voltage        VF(typ)        2.0        3.2        3.0        V
       Luminous Intensity        IV(typ)        260        700        110        mcd
       Reverse Current (Max.)        VR=5V        IR        10        uA
1. Production characteristics were decided by LightKey optoelectronics, the optical and electrical performance may be different for each rank, customers need to choose method of application according to their condition.
2. We are dedicated to improve the performance of our LEDs, and will not inform the customers if any specification is changed.

Storage and use
1. Before opening the package,product should be kept at a temperature ≤30℃, relative humidity ≤60% environment.
2. Before opening the package,please check whether bag leak air or not. After opening the package, check the humidity indicator card at first, if the bag leak air or the color of the humidity indicator card is changed from blue to pink at 30%RH, please contact the factory. Shelf life in sealed bag is 3 months since the delivery date from the factory.
3. After opening the package, the product should be kept at a temperature≤30℃,relative humidity ≤10% environment, and all products must be used within 12 hours, otherwise the products should be baked under the following conditions: at 70℃±5℃ baking temperature more than 24 hours. It is recommended that the product should be operated at the workshop condition of 30℃ or less and humidity less than 60%RH.


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