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Amber 5-mm Oval LED

  • LL574UY21D/TD


  • 8541401000

  • 5.1 x 3.7mm (5.2 x 3.8mm)

Datasheet Download: LL574UY21D100-2100.pdf

The oval LED is widely used in variable message signs(VMS) and passenger-information signs.
The high intensity of oval-shaped LED with wide viewing angle ensure that its outdoor applications can be readable under the sunlight.
These lamps are made with an advanced optical-grade epoxy that offers superior high-temperature and high-moisture-resistance performance in outdoor signal and sign applications.
The encapsulation resin contains anti- UV material in order to reduce the effects of long-term exposure to direct sunlight.

Size (mm): 5 
Color and Typical Dominant
Wavelength:Amber (591nm)
High Luminous Intensity (mcd)
Lead - Free
RoHS Compliant
Electronic Signs & Signals (ESS)
Full Color video screen
Motorway Signs
Variable Message Sign (VMS)
Advertising signs
Petrol Signs
Datasheet Download:  LL574UY21D100-2100.pdf

Package Dimensions:
5mm Oval LED 5.2 x 3.8mm LL574
Part NO Seletion:

Part No. Dice Lens Color Iv(mcd)(IF=20mA) Viewing Angle
Raw Material Emitted Color MIN TYP MAX
LL574UY21D100-2100 AlGaInP Amber Amber Diffused 770 2100 -- H.H.: 100º
V.V..: 50


Item Symbol Maximum Unit
Power Dissipation PD 130 mW
Peak Forward Current (1/10 Duty Cycle 0.1ms Pulse Width) IFP 2000 mA
Continuous Forward Current IFmax 30 mA
Electrostatic discharge ESD 2000 V
Operating Temperature Range Topr / Tstg -40 to+95
Storage Temperature Range Topr / Tstg -40 to+100


Item Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition
Peak Wavelength λp - 595 - nm IF=20mA
Dominant Wavelength λd 584 591 596 nm IF=20mA
Spectral Line Coordinates Δλ - 20 -
Forward Voltage VF - 2.1 2.6 V IF=20mA
Luminous Intensity Iv 770 2100 - mcd IF=20mA
Reverse Current IR - - 10 uA VR=5V

Note: Continuous reverse voltage can cause LED damage.


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