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Common cathode 5 mm Round Red-green LED Lamp

  • LLR519URUGW-B60C

  • piece

  • 1000pcs

5mm Round Red-green LED Lamp with Common Cathode Polarity

LLR519URUGW-B60C - PDF DATASHEET OF Common Cathode 5MM Round Bi Color LED Lamp

Emitting Color: red and green(red-green)
Device Outline: φ5mm Round Type
Lens type: White diffused                  
Through-hole 3-pin LED lamp
Large viewing angle: 60 degree
Polarity: common cathode
RoHS and REACH  Compliance

Packaging dimensions of 5mm round common cathode LED lamp
5mm round dual color LED CC

  Selection Guide of 5mm round red-green LED lamp
         Chip          Lens          Absolute Maximum
         Data(At 20Ma)
         VF(V)          Iv (mcd)
         Typ          Mak          Typ
         Ultra Red (AlGaInP)          630          White
         17          65          30          150          1.95          2.5          180          60
         Ultra Green (AlGaInP)          574          30          75          30          150          2.1          2.5          120

   Where you can you use them?


   You can use them indoor, semi-outdoor or outdoor LED screen, such as:




   Entertainment places                         Bus station




   Car Park                                             High-speed Rail Station          

 Available choices for this 5 mm red-green color LED lamp:
 1. viewing angle: 15-100 deg.
 2. intensity 50-800mcd
 3. len type: water clear or white diffused
 4. pin length: 5-20mm
 5. electrode: common anode or common cathode is available
 This  common anode 5mm round red-green LED lamp can be changed in intensity, viewing angle, pin length according to your requirements.



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