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1.2 inch 8x8 dual color LED Dot Matrix

  • LM12088A/BRG Series

  • PCS

  • 1000pcs


1. 32 mm (1.2 inch) digit high            

2. Dot size: Diameter 3 mm                  

3. Pitch: 4 mm                          

4. Wide viewing angle                      

5. Emitted colors - red and green                  

6. I.C. compatible                          

7. Low power consumption                  

8. Black or grey face, white segment              

                                RoHS Compliance       REACH Compliance

 PDF Datashheet Download Package Dimensions and Internal Circuit:





 1.      All dimensions are in millimeters(inches), Tolerance is + 0.25mm(0.01inch)unless other wise noted.

 2.      Specifications are subject to change without notice.

 3.      The gap between the reflector and PCB shall not exceed 0.25mm.                    








             1.20 inch 8x8 Red-Green LED dot matrix module, Matrix Height: 32.00mm(1.20 inch), External Dimensions: 32.00x32.00x8.00mm (LxWxH)






             Part No.






             Cathode Row


             Anode Row






             W LD




             One Dot
















             Super Red




























             Ultra Red










             Ultra Green








     You can use them indoor or semi-outdoor, such as:




     indoor or semi-outdoor entertainment places                       Bus station








     Car Park                      Game Machine            High-speed Rail Station          





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