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1.5 inch 8x8 Dual Color LED Dot Matrix


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Why we call them 1.5 inch 8x8 dual color LED dot matrix?
1.5 inch means its matrix height;
8x8 means there are 8 dots repectively in row and column;
Dual color means their emitted colors are red-green per dot, and there are 2 LED chips per dot - red chip and green chip.
Actually we can call them tri-color LED dot matrix too, because when red and green LED chips lighted, it will be yellow.

1. 37.9 mm (1.5 inch) digit high
2. Dot size: Diameter 3.7 mm
3. Pitch: 4.76 mm
4. Emitting colors: red-green
5. I.C. compatible
6. Low power consumption
7. Black or grey face, white segment
8. RoHS and REACH  Compliance


Tips to choose and use:
They are 1/8 scanning drive mode 8x8 LED dot matrix;
when we call it common anode means common anode row not column, the same for common cathode;
There are 24pins per item because they are dual color dot matrix display;
This DIP LED dot matrix can be grey black or white face(here face means the top space beside the dots), and usually the dot color is whit diffused, but if you need, water-clear dot is available too.
The color of the four sides is white,if you require grey or black color is available, too.

Package dimensions and internal circuits:



 1.      All dimensions are in millimeters(inches), Tolerance is + 0.25mm(0.01inch)unless other wise noted.

 2.      Specifications are subject to change without notice.

 3.      The gap between the reflector and PCB shall not exceed 0.25mm.                    



           1.50 inch 8x8 Red-Green LED dot matrix module, Matrix Height: 37.90mm(1.50 inch), External Dimensions: 37.90x37.90x10.30mm (LxWxH)
           Description            Part No.            Chip            Iv(mcd)@20mA
           Cathode Row            Anode Row            Material            Color            W LD
           One Dot
           Min.            Typ.
           LM15088ARG            LM15088BRG            GaAlAs            Super Red            640            8            10
           GaP            Green            568            7            9
           LM15088AURUG            LM15088BURUG            AlGaInP            Ultra Red            640            30            45
           AlGaInP            Ultra Green            573            30            45



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