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16x32 ultra-thin flexible indoor LED display module

  • LMS-1-P7622-16URUG

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1.      Wider viewing angle: COB lighting angle is about 175 degree. SMD lighting angle is about 120 degree.
COB                             SMD
             Ours: COB                                                                      SMD

2.      Ultra-thin:
2.1 Our LED chips soldered directly on the high-quality PCB and save more space especially for double-sided LED screen.
2.2 Good heat dissipation & less lighting attenuation: because COB dispensing chip is directly in the PCB, the area of heat dissipation is more wider than SMD technology, and it’s lighting attenuation is more better. The area of heat dissipation is the bottom neck to SMD, for its chip fixed on the bottom of the PPA bracket
2.3 Light Weight and even with outside aluminum or plastic frames, its thickness can be still 2-5cm only. Easy transportation and save freight cost.

COB and traditional one
(The left one is our COB item)

3.      Flexible: flexibility is one of the excellent characteristics of COB modules. So COB modules can be shaped canopy screen, arc shaped screen, circle shaped screen and wave shaped screen. It is the ideal choose for bars and nightclubs. COB screen is with seamless splice, simple structure, and lower price which less than FPCB and traditional LED shaped screen. For example, P4 RGB modules can be made into circle shaped screen with min diameter 50CM. Because of the excellent performance, COB module was widely used in airport,station,mall and so on.
Shaped LED2Shaped LED4
     LIGHTKEY COB module
4. Better LED chips and other raw materials: key for long-term application with stability and reliability.
COB (Chip on Board), Encapsulating RGB chip on the PCB, It’s a totally new encapsulation technical which is different from DIP and SMD

                COB        SMD
        Chip        Big chip        Small chip,not enough space for small size chip encapsulated on the welding basement            
       Bonding   wire        Pure golden wire        copper wire,alloy wire for better, aluminum for worse
       Bracket         Immersion gold process on welding basement        Copper bracket, steel bracket, immersion silver process on welding basement
5.      Durability: can used in different harsh environments
5.1 Anti-collision&shock  COB is not easily damaged in contrast to SMD
5.2 Anti-water&Damp  COB can be wiped clean with a wet cloth,in contrast to SMD
5.3 Anti-dust&Oxidation  COB is dust-proof,in contrast to SMD

       NO.        Item        Parameter
       1        Pitch        7.62mm
       2        Density        17222 Dot/M2
       3        Color        1R1G
       4        Unit panel /display size        244mm*128mm/244mm*122mm
       5        Unit panel resolution        16*32
       6        Unit panel Weight        113g
       7        Scan Mode        1/16
       8        Production methods        COB
       9        Chip Brand        R:Epistar
       10        PCB specification        Immersion Gold finishingLine Copper thick 40umHole copper thick 20umNi:120u″Au:1u″
       11        COB protection Glue        Epoxy resinTG 135 degree
       12        Driving Mode        constant current drive
       13        constant-current source        TW MBI5124  
       14        Best Viewing distance        12m
       15        Horizontal view angle        180°



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