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DM Series indoor LED screen cabinet for stage

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DM SERIES features:
1.       Super slim: Die-casting, 80mm thickness, 12kg/cabinet
2.       No Gaps: integrated error within +/- 0.2mm after assembling
3.       Ultra-silence: No fans design
4.       Quick Connector: like watchband to lock and unlock, tooling free to connect.

 Payment terms: TT, Western Union, L/C, cash or paypal.
RGB full color indoor LED screen for stage and other places:
       Series        LED type        Pixels/sqm        Module size(mm)        Module Pixels        Cabinet(W*H, mm)        Brightness        Max Consumption        Fresh rate        Driver Method
       DM2(INDOOR)        3-in-1 SMD, 2121        160 000        250x250        100x100        500(w)*500(H)        ≥100nits/sqm        640(w)/m2        ≥2000Hz        1/25 scan
       DM3(INDOOR)        3-in-1 SMD, 2121        120 400        250x250        80x80        500(w)*500(H)        ≥1200nits/sqm        770(w)/m2        ≥2000Hz        1/20 scan
       DM4(INDOOR)        3-in-1 SMD, 2121        50176        250x250        56x56        500(w)*500(H)        ≥1200nits/sqm        690(w)/m2        ≥2000Hz        1/14 scan
       DM6(INDOOR)        3-in-1 SMD, 3535        25600        250x250        40x40        500(w)*500(H)        ≥5500nits/sqm        740(w)/m2        ≥3000Hz        1/5 scan
       DM7(INDOOR)        3-in-1 SMD, 3535        16384        250x250        32x32        500(w)*500(H)        ≥5500nits/sqm        740(w)/m2        ≥3000Hz        1/4 scan



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