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You are here: Home » Products » 7 Segment LED Display » 5 Inch » 5'' (126.6 mm) numeric Display with right DP and comma
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5'' (126.6 mm) numeric Display with right DP and comma

  • LD50012A/B Series
  • 1000pcs
Pin 8 is common pin; 10 LEDs in series 2 LEDs in parallel; static internal circuit PCB; 5 inch single digit numeric LED display; both CA and CC versions are available.


1. 126.6 mm (5 inch) digit high            

2. Excellent digit appearance                      

3. Wide viewing angle                            

4. Range of emitted colors                        

5. I.C. compatible                                

6. Low power consumption                        

7. Black face,White segment                      

8. RoHS compliant

Package Dimensions and Internal Circuit:    





 1.      All dimensions are in millimeters(inches), Tolerance is + 0.25mm(0.01inch)unless other wise noted.

 2.      Specifications are subject to change without notice.

 3.      The gap between the reflector and PCB shall not exceed 0.25mm.                                                                        



                           Single Digit 7 Segment LED Display, Digit Height: 75.00mm(3.00inch), External Dimensions: 65.00x85.50x12.00mm (LxWxHmm)


                           Part No.


















                           One Seg


                           One DP
















                           Ultra White































                   1.   CC=Common Cathode                

                   2.   CA=Common Anode                                                   

                   Where you can you use them?                 

                   You can use them indoor or semi-outdoor, such as:                 


                   Car Park                      Game Machine            High-speed Rail Station          LED clock for public places





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